Wahhabi Tawheed part 2 – Where Wahhabis have gone wrong

We need to understand specifically how the Wahhabiyyah have gone wrong and have turned tawheed into shirk. They claim to call to tawheed but are actually espousing major shirk throughout their doctrine. .The key is understanding a few terms

The first one being ilah

Wahhabis say that ilah means a thing thats worthy of worship

We say that ilah means absolute divinity, i.e. god

You may not see much difference but bare with me

When the Wahhabis say the kalimah la ilaha illa Allah they then translate it as there is nothing worthy of WORSHIP but Allah

We say There is no GOD but Allah

Now clearly there is a difference in interpretation

Just for the sake of understanding the sentence clearly, if one says the definition of a tree is that which is chopped down, it sounds almost right, but it is wrong.

The chopping down happens to the tree but it is not its definition. The true definition of a tree is a root based plant, with a trunk, branches, twigs and leaves. Yes it is chopped down, but it is NOT it’s definition.

The problematic issue with the Wahhabi interpretation of the is kalimah is that the pagans of Makkah could easily say to that interpretation, ok we are going to believe in 360 gods, however we will only worship Allah!

The Sunni interpretation leaves no room for believing in another deity besides Allah. This is the first key to understanding this topic between the Wahhabis and Sunnis.

Now that the Wahhabis have established their definition of ilah as -something worthy of WORSHIP, their next trick is to define a term related with worship as being strictly a form of worship, and they do this by using one single hadeeth:

It is reported that the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam said:

Ad-Du’a huwa al-Ibaadah – meaning: The Du’a is worship

The meaning of du’a in the Arabic language simply means to call, invite, invoke. Yet by using this hadeeth Wahhabis say that to call upon anybody besides Allah is shirk.

However this is not the case, as Allah has used the word Du’a for other than worship as we see from Surat an-Nur ayah 63 http://quran.com/24/63 where Allah says

“la taj’alu du’a ar-Rasul baynakum ka- du’a ba’dikum ba’da” Which translates as “Do not make the calling [du’a] of the Messenger between you like the calling [du’a] of each other”

Obviously if the strict definition of du’a was applied in this circumstance then the Sahaabah would be guilty of shirk.

However, when the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam said:

“ad-Dua huwa al-Ibaadah – i.e. the du’a is worship”

We will notice that the Propeht sal Allahu alayhi wasallam was being specific, as meaning the du’a performed to Allah is worship.

Therefore du’a [calling upon others] to creation is not shirk, and it is something we do everyday to the living. Yet it is only shirk when you BELIEVE that the object you are calling upon BESIDES ALLAH also holds divinity.

The Wahhabi definition of shirk as mentioned in Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhabs works starts of with calling upon others besides Allah, and their claim is that the Mushrikeen of Makkah were upon Tawheed ur-Rabubiyyah, which is to believe that Allah is the creator, the Lord, yet as the Wahhabis would have us believe, their tawheed was ONLY negated because they CALLED UPON others besides Allah.

This is the key difference, and it takes us back to their defintion of ilah and how they interpret the Kalimah. Whilst we say it is SHIRK to believe in another deity besides Allah, they say it is SHIRK to CALL UPON another besides Allah.

The simple fact is, the mushrikeen could have said to this interpretation, ok, I will call only upon Allah, but I BELIEVE there are still gods besides Allah. The Wahhabi definitions of ilah, ibaadah and tawheed jsut does not cut the cheese

8 thoughts on “Wahhabi Tawheed part 2 – Where Wahhabis have gone wrong

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  2. This article which is not very long but is a “Wahabi backbone breaker” for sure.

    You destroyed them even on the definition of Kalimah. That was amazing my brother and now the world should realize that Wahabiyoon not only forge/tamper translations of Qur’an and Sahih Bukhari but have also tampered translation of “LA ILAHA IL ALLAH”

  3. Alhamdulillah nice work Akhi, seriously some things they do just creep up on you without realising and you do the same mistake.. I did realising we use to hear and say “We say There is no GOD but Allah” then suddently just a mistery thing every spread “there is nothing worthy of WORSHIP but Allah”… :) May Allah ta’ala protect are emaan..

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