Isis is the wahhabi threat/ warning to young sisters

Salamun alaykum,

Over the last year the world at large has witnessed the re emergence of the khawaarij cult in the lands of Syria and Iraq. This cult has referred to themselves as Isis, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. As a result we have been programmed by constant repetition to call them by their self proclaimed title isis. Yet, this is none other than a direct manifestation of the Wahhabi Threat, and that’s what we shall call it, in sha Allah.

Moderate Wahhabis have even dubbed this cult as the Khawaarij and publishing houses such as Birminghams Salafi Publications has endeavoured to disclaim against the un-Islamic actions of the “Isis”. Yet we find the roots of Salafi Publications and the “Isis” to be of the very same doctrine, as a western academic would wrongly put it, “branch of Islam”.

This “branch of Islam” is none other than the vile interpretations re innovated by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, and the actions of the “Isis” is simply a mere repeat of what happened a little more than two hundred years ago in central ‘Arabia. It is what I have been “waffling” on about since 2009, it is none other than the wahhabi threat.

I do not want to sound clichay and say I told you so, or even claim I was ahead of my time, because in truth the knowledge bout the rising of this cult can only be attributed to the many prophecies found within the Prophetic hadeeth that have existed 1400 years before this website. The knowledge is nothing new. Yet despite this we have people that claim to be from the jamaa’ah that are clearly asleep and highly uneducated about these issues.

How is it that western academics have written more books about the Isis and Islam than the scholars and generality of Muslims of this age? And to say further I am accused of causing division in the Ummah by wahhabi and brethren when I put the pen to the paper? What is wrong with us that we as an ummah beat ourselves with our own hands? And I am not refering to the issues of the Shia here, I am making the point that b the Muslim Ummah is one body, yet we are slitting our own wrists.

We may not even realize that whilst we are in this stupor of heedlesness that we are playing a contributing factor by ignoring the pressing issue at hand. Perhaps we think that we are safe in the UK. Yet we see that 600 Britons have willfully joined the “Isis” under the assumption it is the right thing to do. Only the other day I had a knowledgeless ranter texting me hoping to educate me that is no such thing as a Wahhabi. Just maybe people like him scratch their heads when their daughters have ran off to join the sexual jihad and sprout more “isis bastards”.

This is why it is important to heed this plea to my young neices. A video made by some young neices:

Sisters’ Thoughts on Joining ISIS:


Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem 
As-salamu Alaykum Dear Readers.

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Please do consider that Wahhabis spend billions of pounds on da’wah materials, books, videos, TV channels, masjids, colleges. The Jews and Christians also spend bilions of pounds on media and other resources to defame the Prophet and religion of Islam.  No matter the odds, whether people choose to donate of not, it is the life mission of Saladin Publishing to defend the faith by whatever means we have.  We require donations small or large to help pay for the following

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JazakAllah Khayr

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5 thoughts on “Isis is the wahhabi threat/ warning to young sisters

  1. The Prophet (saws) mentioned this was and ISIS in ahadith, the called them the foxes and said they would attack Syria while it is in the middle of a civil war and would win but Allah will kill all who opposed the people of syria by the end of the war because Allah is ending the era of muslim dictators the prophet mentioned in Ahadith with the fall of the syrian regime.

    See the Book “The Syrian Uprising and Signs of the Hour”, all the ahadith are mentioned in it.

    • The Prophet (saws) mentioned the Syrain war and ISIS in ahadith, He called them the foxes and said they would attack Syria while it is in the middle of a civil war and would win, but Allah will kill them and all who opposed the people of syria by the end of the war because Allah is ending the era of muslim dictators with the fall of the syrian regime, the last muslim Dictator.

      See the Book “The Syrian Uprising and Signs of the Hour”, all the ahadith are mentioned in it.

      (sorry for the double post fixing bad grammar and spelling).

  2. I do apologise for the errors

    I meant this guys are not Muslims
    A muslim should never hurt anyone unless in self defence and not to kill his muslim brother.
    these guys 99% are deeply brainwashed half of them we exposed to be Jews recruited and ran by the Mossad .
    Most of them were recruited in prisons they were released after they were brainwashed to in prison.

  3. Assalamu alaykoum
    In fact ISIS are acronyms for an Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.
    The leader is non other than Shimon Eliot a mossad agent yes I do believe that the Saudis are behind it too

    This guy meets regularly with the US Senator John Mccain it is created, funded and ran by the zionists dogs.
    these guys are not by any stretch of imagination they are criminals and most of their victims are Muslims.
    Salam Alaykoum
    May Allah protect us from these fitnat (Tribulations)

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