Why i am not a deobandi or barelwi – sunni sectarianism

This article is not to attack the Deoband in general because to be entirely honest the conditions for the Deoband to be considered as a astray cult do not qualify. Furthermore, Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Barelwi never did blanket takfeer upon them as some extreme misguided Kharijites from the Barelwiyyah would like you to think. Yet now I have made this point clear the clubhouse cultists who claim to represent the Barelwi maslak will still attempt to define the Deobandis as an astray cult. Whereas the fact is only a handful of them was charged with blasphemy.

The fact of the matter is the Imaam of Barelwi documented a number of statements that that was allegedly made by a few of the Deobandi elders which vied against the creed of the Ahl us-Sunnah. These statements have said to be presented in front of thirty three scholars from Makkah and Madinah who then who said to have signed the fatawaa.

With the backing of another two hundred and fifty scholars this fatawaa came to be famously known as Hassam ul-Huramain. The book as in print condemns about five or six elders of the Deoband charging them with blasphemy on account of ‘Aqeedah errors regarding Allah, speculative theology which is forbidden, implicit denial of risaalat, and obvious insults to the best of creation Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wasallam. Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan stipulates that whosoever doubts the kufr of such statements after knowing the evidences, and the punishment for such statements has also disbelieved. A treatise by Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan entitled Tamheed e Emaan also documents these statements and thoroughly explains why such statements are blasphemous and and why such statements result in apostasy.

From what has been made available in to me in English I agree that such statements against Allah and His Messenger sal Allahu alayhi wasallam are blasphemous, and they result in hadd punishments according to the Shari’ah and a severe punishment in the hereafter. No true Muslim would ever utter such filth against their Lord or their beloved sal Allahu alayhi wasallam.

I certainly do take issue with such kufri ibaarat. Yet and still, the witch hunters that are constantly harassing me through the cyber world (Wobbler Hunter aka Tayyab Ali from Alum Rock Birmingham, Noori Amjadi aka Muhammad Rukhsar Hussain from the Ghausia Academy in Gloucestershire, Sajjad Darr and numerous other postees with fake profiles such as Sunni King, Sunni Lion, Ahmad Tahawi, Sayf ul-Rida, etc) are still short in making seventy excuses for this brother in Islam. Infact they have tried every tactic to make it look like they have had patience with me, adviced me, etc as of they was copying the very circumstances that surrounded the writing of the book The Killer Mistake. A play on Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem’s name.

Despite the fact i have condemned the kufri ibaarat according to the second hand information I have been given in English, these first class idiots still continue to smear me with the title Deobandi. They are not our for truth, nor will they ever give me a fair trial. Allah forbid that these people should hold any authority over a nation as they would end up witch hunting and executing innocent people on purely nothing but false premises. They are not interested in seeking seventy excuses for their brother. It is apparent to me they want blood. As Imaam al-Ghazali so wisely put it, the hypocrite seeks for faults, the believer seeks for excuses.

These ignoramuses do not want to consider the fact that I do not have the tools to even verify if the fatawaa of the haramain even authentic. I even doubt they have even verified it for themselves. Instead they have prided themselves with second hand information and are simply singing the song of hoorah! We are always right, even when we are wrong! Of course recourse to manuscripts and cross referencing historical fatawaa would have to be the foundation of such a research. Not to throw doubt on the whole issue, but we are taught to verify. This is what the early Muslims did with the Qur’an even when Zaid Ibn Thaabit was asked by Abu Bakr as-Sideeq to compile the Qur’an into book-form. Even though Zaid ibn Thaabit had memorized the whole of the Qur’an and had no doubts regarding each ayah of the Qur’an, he still used a verification system instead of compiling the Qur’an from his own memory. Likewise Abu Bakr as-Sideeq could have easily penned the Qur’an from his own memory and had no doubts, yet charged Zaid ibn Thaabit with the greatest responsibilities ever.

When looking at issues, I try and use the fairest approach, and that is to question everything, and put it under the microscope of examination. Imaam al-Ghazali did the very same thing with his faith, and it lead to his brilliance of yaqeen. With this point in mind, it does not mean I am unaware or ignorant of the subcontinental issues as these extreme Barelwi Kharijites like to suggest, but the true fact is I lack the tools in this regard to carry out such an analysis and would require at least for me to study three languages and speak them with fluency. We have to remember these books are written in a high level of Urdu that would merit an advanced study of Persian and Hind languages.

I have tried however, I obtained the said works of Imaam Ahmed Rida Khan and met a number of Urdu speakers who humbly told me they cannot decipher and translate what is being said because the style of Urdu is too rich. I can understand this point well as I am often bamboozled listening to the likes of Tim Winters who has the ability to confuse me with a well constructed English sentence. How then can I expect or better yet how can I be expected to be entirely conclusive when the real evidences cannot be verified due to my lack of knowledge in understanding the languages these texts are written in? how am I to verify the sources from the Deobandi works to see if those statements are actually there? How authentic are all these documents?

Then on the other side of the fence with have the Deobandis refering book called al-Muhannad which is said to refute Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan’s arguments and dismisses them as false allegations. A book which also claims that the fatawaa was retracted after some of the scholars was approched by the Deoband. Whether this retraction is authetic or not, it does not make me a Deobandi for pointing out the possibility that such documentation exists. My persecutors have indeed showed no mercy in making claims that I invented this information and are now playing the game that I bear the burden of proof when the simple fact is the google search engine will peel back that this retraction has been an issue of dispute before I ever mentioned it.

If this is not enough sour bread already then we have people from the Deoband that present similar charges against Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan which accuse him of disrespecting the mother of the believers. Certain statements have been highlighted from a number of Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan’s works where he has said to have said crude statements about the wifes of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, even to the length of describing the shape of Aisha’s breasts!

No doubt I also have to admit that such statements against the mother of the believers are also blasphemous and whosoever utters such filth merits punishment in this life and the hereafter. But do I believe that Imaam Ahmad Rida said this? In truth I do not think that anybody who has testified to the kalimah could ever say such a thing, certainly not Imaam Ahmad Rida Khan, but this does not negate that there could be the possibility that he did say such a thing, and my feeling towards this issue could be misguided. The thing that these club house cultists seem to keep overlooking is how can I even verify such things. How can I even claim certianty of second hand information, yet I have been branded by these club house cultists to be a Deobandi.

This is why I hate these issues whenever they rear their ugly head. I can only make this simple disclaimer, that I do not generalize against the Barelwis and the Deobandis and that I have found goodness on both sides, but I wish to be heard very clealry with the following words. I have decided that when it comes to subcontinent scholars and their issues, I only go as far as Shah Wali Allah. Anything after him I treat with caution. Especially since his grandson Ismaeel Dehlwi studied with the Wahhabis and plagiarized Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab’s Kitaab ut-Tawheed, re-releasing it under the name Taqwiyat ul-Emaan, thus causing the spread of Wahhabism through the indian subcontinent.

The Deobandis that follow this text have undoubtedly been infiltrated by the Wahhabi Khawaarij creed. However, there are still many Deobandis who recognize Wahhabism for what it is and take a stand against it. There are many who have been classified as being Deobandis who adhere to one of the four madhhabs and especially the Sunni Ash’ari and Marturidi creed. For example the Shaykh from Sunni Courses website who is said to be Deobandi, yet skillfully refutes the Wahhabiyyah. Then we also have Abu Ja’far al-Hanbali who has been dubbed a Deobandi yet he has took a staunch stand against the Wahhabiyyah, releasing a number of books in refutation to the Wahhabi cult. What about the Deobandis that even wrote refutations against their own elders? If the name Deobandi qualifies as a deviant cult in totality and is synonymous with Wahhabism through and through, then where do we place such Orthodox Sunni Deobandis? I know my enemies will seek to misunderstand these words once again, but I do not care.

I feel from this article I have explained why I am not a Debandi or even a Barelwi. I am sure there are many converts that share my views regarding this matter. Yet I know there are other converts with many learning curbs to go, blindfolded by partisan chants and claims of hoorah. I end with Salamun alaykum to every true Muslim from the Deoband and the Barelwiyyah. We have many points in which we are united, I hope we can all start there.

2 thoughts on “Why i am not a deobandi or barelwi – sunni sectarianism

  1. I am sunni and really a deep lover of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan and living very near by NAdwa and Deoband and i too listen their wahabi ideology in their programs..
    I love to see your article,
    You are doing something which was taught by Imam Ahmad Rida RA, i really appreciate your understanding of the issue, hopefully you’ll find something you needed to complete your research.

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