Why the Wahhabi Threat Book has took so long

Salamun ‘alaykum

The article giving an explanation as to why the book has took so long has been long overdue. For that I apologize. I realize that with the excessive adverts, and reminders “its coming”, and even a long gone speculative release date has caused many to lose interest in the book and think it is never going to be released. I understand your frustration.

This job of researching, compiling, and authoring this work has been more work than I ever anticipated. Not just the finer details and verification of facts, but the amount of Salafi-Wahhabi books I have had to sift through would give a librarian nightmares. The endless copies and commentaries on different versions of Kitaab ut-Tawheed for example. I probably hold more copies of this work than my local Salafi bookstore [may Allah bless them brothers].

The numerous works written by Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab also, history books written about him, Encyclopedias of all kinds, refutations written against him, western academic books written for and against it. Also many books on the current affairs in the world, the state of the Muslims, Jihad and terrorism, and then books that delve into geography. You name it, I have gone there. thousands and thousands of pages. Up late nights taking notes, cross referencing and constantly making sure I have got my facts right by studying the creed of the Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah to make sure my creed is correct.
A task that none of these “punch and judy wobbler hunters” can ever claim to have done.

Not only this, but I have worked with my utmost to be fair with fact dealing. After all, I wish for my brothers trapped and beguiled by the puritan appeal to be guided. I hope that my research opens the door of truth to them. I do not like the idea that anybody who claims to believe in Allah and His Messenger, sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, meets the fire. According to the hadeeth this is part of Imaan, desiring for a brother what you would desire for yourself. There are too many of these young and foolish “wobbler hunters” reaking havoc in claiming to do da’wah and cult refutation. Their efforts are merely a noble disguise for school yard bullying, and I am not comfortable with that. This book has been written with sincerity, and separates the men from the children in its style of authorship. I could have easily banged out a highly inaccurate refutation of Wahhabism, and these refutation monkeys would have took to it like the newest Iphone. In fact, I make it a statement that I do not want these refutation monkeys even reading my book as they give a bad name to da’wah and cult refutation.

However, back tot he subject of the book. I have made efforts to improve my English grammar even. Though I will always make mistakes, I will make sure that this book reaches the reader with as little as  I possibly can. Other reasons that have impeded the completion and release of the book is also the tremendous amount of research needed for volume two of the series, which will deal with the theology and ideologies of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab. Much of the content presented in volume one hinged on the accuracy of the content presented in volume two. After the release of volume one, I will be taking a period of relaxation without any pending pressure for the second volume. I really could have memorized the entire Qur’an, mastered ‘Arabic and pursued the path of knowledge. Something I really plan to complete before I am forty.

I am happy that people are still interested after such a long wait, but I find the answer to their often asked question “when will the book be released” impossible. I reassure my dear readers, however, with no said date, it will be here very soon!

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One thought on “Why the Wahhabi Threat Book has took so long

  1. Selam aleykum brother.. insha’Allah you and family are well.. Was wondering what price range will the book be? insha’Allah would love to grab more then one copies of this book..

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