Tawassul – Seeking Approach

This document was written in direct refutation to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab’s charge of grave worship, and takfeer. This article delivered to a blow to Wahhabism, and without boast, no Wahhabi has risen to the challenge of refuting one word of this. This article exposed the Wahhabi’s false accusation, and will stand untouchedhttp://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/refuting-the-charge-of-grave-worship/

This document here is a follow up to the last article, expounding on some very important points regarding the grave of Prophet Daniel, alayhi as-salaam. http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/the-problems-with-kitaab-ut-tawheed/the-grave-of-prophet-daniel/

The Wahhabiyyah constantly argue that tawassul is shirk. This is a little something I threw together in haste to combat their claims http://thewahhabithreat.com/itiqaad/calling-upon-the-dead-prophets-the-righteous/

With Allah is all success

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