The Wahhabi Threat Mission is an initiative that began in 2009 after some personal experiences in dealing with the Wahhabi cult. After the realization that most, if not all, new converts have to go through the same tedious, and heart wrenching process of finding the correct group, and the correct understanding of the religion of Islam, the Wahhabi Threat was initially established in order to combat the problematic doctrines of the Wahhabi cult.

Most new Muslims fall for the purity appeal very early in their journey through Islam, as they are told “we are the saved sect, the people of paradise – everybody else is upon shirk, kufr and bid’ah [polytheism, blasphemy and innovations] except for us. We are the Salafis, the true monotheistic adherents of al-Islam, and follow only Qur’an and the Sunnah”. Many new Muslims do not know any better until they have read the books of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab in depth, and they realize, basically, that the books of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab are a perversion to the peaceful religion of Islam, as they advocate for the killing of almost everybody on this planet!

There are even ‘Arabs that have grown up in the Sa’udi culture not knowing nothing else. Yet they feel the need to reject the Wahhabi doctrine because it does not feel right to them, and they know Islam is much more than what the Sa’udi government chooses to approve for them. A lot of the time, voicing such an opposing opinion in so called “Islamic countries” that are supportive of the Wahhabi creed can cost you your very life. There are many sincere Muslims that feel they have to hide their truth faith under the Wahhabi Threat.

There are also those that are trapped within the cult and want out. They know it is wrong, but feel they do not have the support network that will help them in the aftermath of the event of them leaving all that they know. Sometimes this may even mean leaving their family and even spouses who refuse to leave the Wahhabi cult, and stay supportive of the Wahhabiyyah’s oppression. Leaving the Wahhabi cult is not an easy step, and perhaps the most difficult part is connecting with today’s Sunni community and picking up all the pieces and building their life up from square one. People who leave the Wahhabi cult need our supportive help.

In the “profusion of confusion” the Wahhabi Threat project is merely here to present facts that warn brothers and sisters about the dangers the extreme heterodox cults such as the Wahhabiyyah whilst, at the same time, preaching in earnest the creed of Muslim orthodoxy. We are here to offer information and good counsel that is inclusive to the cultists, those wishing to leave the cult, or those who are seeking more information about the cult. Sometimes, this requires some serious outreach for our brothers and sisters. Especially those who need help in being re located, re homed and re-established within another Muslim community. The Wahhabi Threat project is, therefore, much more than just a blog that offers cult refutation. It is a practicing organization that aims to help those that are truly under threat from the Wahhabi cult.

If you are in a position and need our help, or a person who believes in this noble mission and wishes to join the team, or help in whatever way you can, then do get i touch vie email at:  thewahhabithreat@gmail.com

You are welcome to comment and ask a valid questions, however there are a few guidelines and conditions to your comments being approved. Messages like "your a heretic, you do not know what you are talking about, you have no knowledge, you are an enemy of Islam, stupid Sufi" are usually rejected. Consider your words carefully..

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