Dancing Sufis

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Regarding the Sufis that dance and chant Allah’s names, and recite blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ , their practices have been indeed passed down from the time of the Salaf. One may argue “yeh but the Prophet sal Allahu layhi wasallam never did it, the main Sabaahah never did” and of course my reply is that…

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Calling upon other than Allah

There has been major accusations against the general Muslim laity that they are guilty of ash-Shirk ul-Akbar  [major polytheism] due to their performing acts of tawassul, shifaa’a or istighaathah through the the Prophets of Allah and the pious. Such accusations have explicitly accused the majority of Muslim believers of being disbelievers of the worst kind.…

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Refuting the Wahhabi Charge of Grave Worship

Wahhbi creed is clear cut about those who seek tawassul through the “dead” by calling upon them. Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab’s Nawaaqid ul-Islaam [the factors in which Wahhabis claim nullify a person’s Islam], p. 308 where Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab said: “He who sets up intermediaries between him and Allah, calling unto them and asking…

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What is Tassawuf, What is a Sufi?

Tassawuf [1] is a term that is used to denote the science of purification which is commonly known by other such terms as Tazkiyah an-Nafs, Zuhd, Tarbiya, and Ihsaan. It is a term that means to polish, pertaining to the purification of the seven organs which results in the polishing of the heart, and the cleansing…

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Ibn Katheer – Mawlid – al-Bidayah wa an-Nihaayah

Sunni Islam [whether the claimants be Sufi or Wahhabi] both agree that al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer is a renewer of Islam [Ar. Mujaddid], one who has been sent by Allah to confirm the truth and enjoin the Sunnah, and refute the innovations that have appeared amongst the Muslims. In the work al-Bidayah wa an-Nihiyah, also known…

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