History of the Wahhabi Cult

Below are a number of articles that have either been authored by myself, or compiled fro other sources concerning the history of the Nadji Wahhabi cult.

Articles on the History of the Wahhabiyyah

I wrote this article about the biography of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab back in 2009: http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/history-of-wahhabi-ism/the-factual-bioagraphy-of-the-wahhabi-founder/ I have, since then, rewrote this a couple of times. The new improved and finished edition will be a chapter from the forthcoming book. The Wahhabi Threat, volume 1, which speaks of the History and Origins of the Khawaarij and the Najdi Wahhabi Cult.

Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab is often spoke of, by his following, as being the one to have amazingly eradicated Shirk within the ‘Arabian Peninsula. This small treatise, now incorporated in the Wahhabi Threat book, in the new improved biography of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab deals with the false claim that he was a reviver of Islam http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/history-of-wahhabi-ism/the-factual-bioagraphy-of-the-wahhabi-founder/muhammad-ibn-abdul-wahhab-a-mujaddid/

Then we have here one of the many early refutations of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab. This author and Imaam is important because he witnessed the uprising of the Wahhabiyyah with his own eyes. He was the mufti of Makkah at the time. Therefore, his words should have credence, and his witness stands with firm credibility. http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/history-of-wahhabi-ism/the-fitnah-of-the-wahhabiyyah-by-the-mufti-of-makkah-ahmad-zayni-dahlan/

Another very important historical document comes from the very son of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil Wahhab in which he wrote when he and the Wahhabi cult overtook Makkah for the first time. He confession that is was a Ghazwiyyah, a military take-over of the holy sanctuary of Makkah demonstrates everything we have to say about the Wahhabiyyah. Yet they think this letter of confession exonerates the Wahhabi cult from being part of the Khawaarij. No, in fact it convicts them of the charge and leaves no doubt!  http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/history-of-wahhabi-ism/the-letter-of-muhammad-ibn-abd-ul-wahhabs-son/

Some Wahhabis try to play very clever about the history of Islam in their claims that the Wahhabiyyah did not rebel against the valid Muslim Khalifah, such and such. The claims are several, but we have dealt with such claims swiftly here http://thewahhabithreat.com/2015/07/05/a-refutation-of-muhammad-saalih-al-munajjids-did-shaikh-muhammad-ibn-abd-al-wahhaab-rebel-against-the-othman-caliphate-and-what-was-the-reason-for-its-fall/

Here we have a very important list of scholars who have fought against the Wahhabiyyah with all of their effort, pen and sword: http://thewahhabithreat.com/wahhabism/history-of-wahhabi-ism/a-list-of-ulemaa-that-fought-against-the-wahhabiyyah-by-the-sword-and-the-pen/

And last but not least, a short article on why we do not need to even touch the Hempher spy sources in order to refute Wahhabism http://thewahhabithreat.com/2015/03/02/the-hempher-british-spy-confessions-a-reliable-source/

Much more will be offered within the book The Wahhabi Threat, volume one, The History of the Khawaarij & The Najdi Wahhabbi Cult

With Allah is all success


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