Imaam an-Nawawi’s undertsanding of bid’ah

Shaykh ul Islam Imam an-Nawawi [Rahimahullah] on Bid’ah

1014401_605398789493490_1924395169_nTranslation: Imam Nawawi said Imam Bayhaqi narrated with a sound chain Imam Shafi’i said: Innovation is two types (al-bid`atu bid`atân): approved innovation (bid`a mah.mûda) and disapproved innovation (bid`a madhmûma). Whatever conforms to the Sunna is approved (mah.mûd) and whatever opposes it is abominable (madhmûm).’ He used as his proof the statement of `Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA) about the [congregational] supererogatory night prayers in the month of Ramadan: “What a fine innovation this is!”

Reference: Tahdhib al-Asma’ wa al-Lughat, Imam Nawawi, Volume 003, Page 23

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