A list of Ulemaa that fought against the Wahhabiyyah by the sword and the pen

Abu Jafar al-Hanbali: Here we would like to thank all of our fallen heroes, who resisted perhaps one of the most menacing and horrific catastrophes to ever strike the Muslim world. Their courage will not be forgotten and their sacrifices will remain with us in our hearts, if Allah wills. We then hail those heroes that in the fateful year of 1150 AH (AD 1737) onwards, resisted heresy, some of whom paid the ultimate price for their outspoken stance against tyranny and oppression. Those listed below are specifically some of those scholars and senior members in the armed forces that stood up for Muslim Orthodoxy when it was necessary.

Sulaiman ibn `Abdul Wahhab

`Abdul Wahhab ibn `Ali

Zayni Dahlan

`Alawi ibn `Alawi al-Haddad

`Abdul Latif an-Najdi

`Abdullah ibn Dawud al-Hanbali

Jamil al-Afandi

Mustafa ash-Shatti

Muhammad `Ali Pasha

Muhammad as-Saffarini

Muhammad al-`Afaliqi

Muhammad Ibn `Abidin

Ahmad ash-Shattī

Ahmad as-Sawi

Ahmad Rida’ Khan

Muhammad Humaid an-Najdi

Muhammad Hayat as-Sindhi

`Uthman al-Farsi

Sharif Ghalib

`Abdul Ghani al-Lubadi

Hasan ash-Shatti

Khalid al-Baghdadi

`Abdul Qadir Badran

Ahmad al-Hamawi

`Abdul Wahhab ibn Sulaiman

Dawud ibn Sulaiman

Zāhir Shah Miyan

Ahmad as-Suja`ii

Mustafa al-Karimi

`Abdullah az-Zawawi

Sulaiman Murad

`Abdullah Abul-Khair

Yusuf az-Zawawi

Hasan ash-Shaibi

Ja`far ash-Shaibi

`Abdul-Muhsin Sahhaf

`Abdul Wahhab ibn Fairuz

`Abdullah al-Qaddumi

`Abdul Aziz Hamad

Ahmad al-Qabbani

`Ata al-Makki

Ahmad al-Masri

Muhammad al-Kurdi

`Abdur-Razzaq al-Hanbali

Muhammad Hijazi

`Ali ibn Mubarak

Sulaiman al-Jamal

`Abdullah Mirghani

`Abdul Wahhab ibn Muhammad

`Abdul `Aziz Muhammad

`Abdullah al-Jibarti

Muhammad Fairuz al-Hanbali

`Abdul Qadir al-`Idrus

`Abdullah al-`Idrus

`Abdullah ibn `Ali

`Abdur-Rahman al-Ahsa’ii

`Ali as-Sakran

`Abdullah Ba`Alawi

Hussain `Abdullah Bilhaj

Muhammad `Allan

Muhammad al-Balidi

`Abdur-Rahman al-Ash`ari

Ahmad ad-Dayyaf

Shah Fadl al-Qadiri

`Ashiq ur-Rahman al-Habibi

Muhammad Madrasi

`Abdul Qadir al-Hindi

Faid Ahmad al-Hindi

Saifullah Khan

`Abdul `Aziz Ala Hanbali

Found in the dedication to The Divine Lightening, a translation of As-Sawa`iq ul-ilahiyyah: Fasl ul-Khitabi min Kitabi Rabbi il-Arbabi wa Hadithi Rasul il-Malik il-Wahhabi wa Kalami Uwl il-Albabi fi Madhhabi Muhammad ibn `Abdil Wahhab is by Imam Sulaiman ibn `Abdul Wahhab an-Najdi al-Hanbali.


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