The Problems with Kitaab ut-Tawheed

Salamun ‘alaykum, the following notes are a scribble up from my read of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab’s Kitaab ut-Tawheed. They are short and breif, and I do not go in depth nor offer refutation. However, one can clearly see the theological blunders, discrepancies, bad opinions, takfeer, and permissability to spill the blood of innocent Muslims.

You can discuss any point you wish where I can touch on the subject further, and offer a solid refutation from the people of knowledge who have already refuted the self proclaimed mujtahid.

• Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab claimed to know the issue of tawheed better than the majority of the Sahaabah. Chapter 1, Kitaab ut-Tawheed

• Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab claims that the Ash’ariyah have denied the Attributes of Allah but gives no explanation to what Attributes, how they have denied them, etc. he just makes a claim and offers no explanation to back his claim. See chapter 2, point no. 12 Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, in chapter 2, point 12 of his Kitaab ut-Tawheed. His grandson does not even care to explain in Fath ul-Majeed, p. 49. Again in chapter 16, point no. 20 Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab repeats the same accusation but does not explain. Such a matter of tawheed merits an explanation.

• Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab blindly follows Ibn Taymiyah and Ibn Qayyum in their dividing tawheed into two. Fath ul-Majeed, English translation p.8, the Prophet nor the Sahaabah nor anybody from the first three generations ever categorized tawheed in this fashion. Indeed the first three generations was on the complete teaching of tawheed, whereas the innovators have introduced matters into tawheed and then used their innovated theology as a springboard to takfeer and kill innocent Muslims, past and present

• In Chapter 23, Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab argues that Muslims worship idols. By using An-Nisaa ayah 51, however who was this ayah revealed about? Also the ayah in al-Maa’idah ayah 60, again who was this revealed about? Point no. 7 of this same chapter claims that Muslims will practice idol worship.

• According to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab and the understanding he passed down to his grand-sons, those who do tawassul via the Prophets and the Righteous are in a depth of kufr much worser than the depth of kufr than that of the pagans of Makkah. p. 37 – 38, Fath ul-Majeed. This understanding is seen further in chapter 18 where Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab argues that Abu Jahl knew and understood the kalimah better than Muslims who understand the principles and essentials of Islam, see Fath ul-Majeed, p. 206. Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab demonstrates his understanding further in point no. 5 when he claims that that “The disbelievers are more guided than the faithful believers” see Fath ul-Majeed p. 240

• By misinterpreting the hadeeth “the supplication [du’a] is worship” to mean “all and every du’a is worship” Wahhabis promote the idea that whosoever “calls upon other than Allah” are complete mushrikeen and disbelievers. Therefore those who call upon the Messenger by saying “Yaa RasulAllah” or the righteous by saying “Ya ‘Abdul Qaadir” are complete disbelievers according to the Wahhabi creed. See Fath ul-Najeed p. 67, p. 86, p. 93; Kitaab ut-Tawheed, Chapter 14: point no. 10 and 11. In fact, the whole of chapter fourteen is dedicated to those who call upon Prophets and saints, labeling such people who “call upon them” as kuffar and mushrikeen.

• Chapter 14 also argues that whosoever calls upon Prophets or the righteous should “Declare his repentance or otherwise be killed”, this is also the understanding found within Fath ul-Majeed, p. 180

• It can be seen in chapter 6 of Kitaab ut-Tawheed, and the context of the chapter and the “evidences” that Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab has used the permissibility to kill Muslims who display great respect for their Elder Shaykhs and teachers, or whoever admitted to following one of the four madh-habs by labeling themselves Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi after their respective Imaam. Both of these acts Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab deemed as shirk and from that premise declared lawful the spilling of blood of any Muslim and even the taking of their property. According to the Wahhabi creed, anybody who does not accept the hadeeth of the “Salafis” as the “stronger evidence” and continues to follow another hadeeth in favour of it, or depending on the knowledge of the scholar that transmitted and utilized this hadeeth within the madh-hab, then the Imaam and his madh-hab has committed shirk. See Pgs 369-372 Fath ul-majeed The suggestion that Muslims worship the four Imaams can be further seen on pgs. 373 to 374 of Fath ul-Majeed

• Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab contradicts the guidance of Islam which tells us that a Muslims blood is inviolable except for three cases. A. the murder of another, b. adultery, c. apostasy. Wahabi creed teachers “Merely pronouncing the statement “there is no god but Allah” cannot make ones property or blood invioliable” This is the understanding of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and his grandsons. See Fath ul-Majeed p. 102

• In great excitement at spilling the blood of Muslims who the Wahhabis deem as mushriks, Abdur Rahmaan burst out with joy “What a great issue! What a clear statement! What a decisive reason! He then further demonstrates this understanding by quoting the ayah of Allah “Kill the mushrikeen wherever you find them” see Fath ul-Majeed, P. 103. Only the Khawaarij would use a passage of the Qur’an in this fashion!

• ‘Abdur Rahmaan also makes the folly of comparing the Muslim believers who “call upon other than Allah to the apostates who denied the Zakah. We see this when he said: Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and the honorable companions of the Prophet Muhammad waged war against those people who refrained from paying the due Zakah, they must be fought as they would be regarded as renegades and apostates.” See Fath ul-Majeed pgs 104-105 The Wahhabi creed claims that the Muslims who “call upon others besides Allah” are more worthy of killing than those who denied the Zakah [Kashf ush-Shubuhaat]

• A person is allowed to by “taken by force” and even put to death should he reject the Wahhabi call, it is a case of embrace Wahhabism or die. p. 73 Fath ul-Majeed

• Wahhabis can murder anybody they deem to be a disbeliever or a hypocrite for ‘Abdur Rahmaan states “It is permissible to kill the one who shows himself to be a disbeliever or a hypocrite” See Fath ul-Majeed, p 384 chapter 39. This means Wahhabis can kill anybody they like without any ameer of governmental body. All they have to do is set up the accusation, and without any court of law, no display of mercy, a person is put to death. History shows us that not only this has happened, but will also continue to happen anytime a Wahhabi decides to have their way.

• Chapter 63 Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab uses the passages from An-Nahl to suggest that Muslims have broke their covenant with Allāh and according to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab it is permissible to fight and kill them “as they disbelieve in Allāh” see point no. 4 in chapter 63 p. 505 of Fath ul-Majeed

• Chapter 15 argues that the Prophet is incapable of helping from beyond the grave. The Khawaarij misuse ayah 23 from Surah as-Saba [22] to argue that Allah has denied the Prophet the ability to hear. Usul ut-Tafseer shows us this ayah was revealed about the Kuffar. How can anybody use an ayah that was revealed about the kuffar and then apply it to the best of creation? Only the Khawaarij are known for such ayah misinterpretation! This is their corrupt understanding, as Wahhabi creed teaches “Because they are dead and are unaware”. See Fath ul-Majeed, p. 177, Abdur Rahmaan follows his grandfather in the corrupt opinion that the dead cannot hear when he said:“This is true regarding the living man, who can do and observe things. However, dead people cannot sense those who invoke them and also cannot bring any benefit or harm…” p. 405 chapter 42. Secondly, Tareekh [Islamic history] has shown us again and again how the Prophet has heard and came to help those who have asked for his help, even though he is in the baarzakh.

• Chapter 19 argues the false analogy of worshipping the Prophet as the Christians did with Jesus, see Fath ul-Majeed, p. 215; in Chapter 66 Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab suggests that it is shirk to call upon the Prophet with the title master, and they also argue that milaad un nabi is shirk pgs. 518-519

• Chapter 22 argues that you cannot face the grave whilst doing any form of du’a, and that you cannot make intention to visit the Prophet, but to only visit the three holy masaajid. See Fath ul-Majeed, p. 237

• loud dhickr is considered as heresy pg. 45

• Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab implies that the Prophet and the Sahaabah taught shirk by teaching people to perform ruqyah and ta’weez, see chapter 3, Kitaab ut-Tawheed, point no. 5. And chapter 7, point no. 2. And point no. 7. This is one of the many reasons why “Kitaab ut-Tawheed” should really be called “Kitaab ush-Shirk”. Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab’s grandson also implies that whosoever uses ta’weez is a complete mushrik. See Fath ul-Majeed, p. 53

• In Chapter 44 Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab implies that a Jew corrected the Prophet in his knowledge of tawheed by brandishing a hadeeth in which a Jew came to the Prophet and accused him of doing shirk. Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab, instead of refuting this Jew he takes the position of this Jew against the Prophet by brandishing the happening and making his desired points from it Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab wrote concerning this point “The Jews knew what shirk ul-asgahr is” Thus by implying that the Jews were correct in saying that the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam was upon shirk . The shirk the Prophet was accused of was swearing by the Ka’bah. Abdur Rahmaan further confirms this when he says: “This proves that swearing by the Ka’bah is shirk, and the Prophet did not reject the statement of the Jew who said to him ‘verily you commit shirk”see Fath ul-Majeed pgs 409-412

• In Chapter 50 p. 435 onwards Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab levels the accusation of shirk against Adam by using a fabricated hadeeth.

• Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab denies 800 years of authentic scholarship see Fath ul-Majeed, p. 357 however his very own grandsons correct his notion on p. 359 and correct the import of the given hadeeth

• Chapter 67 Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab certainly promoted the anthropomorphic creed, point no. five he suggests that Allah has two hands, left and right. See Fath ul-Majeed p. 523. Other Wahhabi publications argue that Allah has two right hands.

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem 

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33 thoughts on “The Problems with Kitaab ut-Tawheed

  1. Masha Allah
    You delete my last comment because it clearly decimates your slander against shaikh ul Islam. Thank you for your cowardly act and now I know that how you are. Only Allah can guide you.


  2. wow. You dont refute a single one of my arguements…but again just show hate..thank you…Lets start over…I wont reiterate that which you clearly have bias against…

    First know that shaikh ul Islam Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab brought nothing new to the religion. ..but destroyed sufi shirk practices which you must be following in order to hate him or his teaching so much…nobody calls themselves wahabi. ..people do call themselves the other names you mentioned. ..please watch the videos on YouTube “what is a wahhabi) by any of the following dr. Zakir naik, yusuf estes, shaikh ahmed deedat, abdur raheem green, brother wajdi or any of the fine speakers of Islam. ..who are not mired in sufi shirk…

    About the tamimi hadith. Please show from authentic hadith what you are trying to say…if you mean najd, please research more as najd is not what you think it is…

    How can I refute anything from a book that is not kitab ul tawhid …like I said you cant read the bible and list issues of it to refute the quran

    Why dont you show a paragraph or two of what you hate rather than page numbers that have no meaning..

    You say youve been doing this for 5 years…islam has been around for over 1400 years (quran..although islam is from time of adam (as) )and it will be until youmul qiyamah. ..your hate will not change it one bit….quran and sunnah is our only guide…

    Im ready to refute you if you use kitab ul tawhid not some fabrication


    • wow

      Answer: SubhanAllah

      You dont refute a single one of my arguements…

      Answer: Argumentation in the deen is strictly forbidden. I do not argue, I present facts. Whether you pay attention to what I present or continue to blunder on in blindness is up to you. I am not at loss.

      Quote: but again just show hate..thank you

      Answer: Your welcome, it’s all love that I spare my charitous time to explain to somebody knowing theres a good possibility he is going to ignore anything I have to present and just keep repeating his falsehood. Thats actually love and patience

      Quote …Lets start over…I wont reiterate that which you clearly have bias against…

      Answer: you mean lets start at square one and continue on and on going around in circles because you simply have refused to understand anything that I said and most likely anything I am going to say, but just reasserting falsehood.

      Quote: First know that shaikh ul Islam Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab

      Answer: Where is the evidence that he was considered Shaykh al-Islam? Which Shaykh al-Islam trained him and authorized him? What is the proof of his education, and more importantly, why did none of his teachers teach and revive tawheed as Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab has been attributed to have done? Where did he get his doctrine of tawheed from? These are important questions that demand an answer. If you cannot live up to the job then do not bother posting. You will only accuse me further of insulting your intelligence if you continue to dodge such questions.

      Quote “he brought nothing new to the religion. ..”

      Answer: If it was not new, then name the revivers of each century going back to the Sahaabah that taught exactly the same doctrine.

      Quote: but destroyed sufi shirk practices which you must be following in order to hate him or his teaching so much…

      Answer: Why did not the revivers of each century destroy these so called shirk practices as the revivers appear in each century and dispel all that which is bid’ah and enjoin the Sunnah. How comes that all the mujaddideen [revivers] from each century somehow failed to destroy such practices? Why were they absent from Islam from the 4th century up until the 11th century? Did not the Messenger of Allah sal Allahu alayhi wasallam say tjhat they would appear every century? Tell me in simple terms, what happened to them?

      How comes Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was dissatisfied that none of the Ulemaa or his teachers were condemning such practices? Why did he feel the need to revive tawheed as if it was lost for hundreds of years and the ummah declined so much that they became worse of than the pagan Arabs of Prophet Muhammad’s time, as his doctrine teaches that even the mushrikeen knew tawheed better, as his doctrine teaches that Abu Jahl understand the Kalimah of tawheed better than most Muslims of today, even the Ulemaa of today!

      Answer this simple question please,

      Quote: “nobody calls themselves wahabi. ..people do call themselves the other names you mentioned.”

      Answer: I do not think the Khawaarij call themselves Khawaarij either, so please do explain to me how your point somehow has any validity?

      Quote: ..please watch the videos on YouTube “what is a wahhabi) by any of the following dr. Zakir naik, yusuf estes, shaikh ahmed deedat, abdur raheem green, brother wajdi or any of the fine speakers of Islam. ..who are not mired in sufi shirk…

      Answer: I am very supprised to see that Ahmad Deedat on that list of yours when his book Muhammad the Greatest was written upon his celebration of the Mawlid! If you do not believe me, read where he says

      “I received a phone call from the Muslim community in Dann Hauser, a small town in Nothern Natal. Who were organizing a birthday celebration of the Holy Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam. They invited me to give a lecture on this auspicious occasion. So I deemed it an honour and a privilege, I readily agreed…” page 102 of his book The Choice Vol. one.

      Maybe you should look yourself on youtube what Shaykh Ahmad Deedat really has to say about these issues. You will find him not at all to be of the Wahhabi creed. The current deception your cult is facing is imagining that he was upon the Wahhabi creed, but the real facts demonstrate that this only the imagination of Wahhabis. As for the other videos you have mentioned, they have been watched and a video response has been given here:

      and if you had cared to look around this blog properly and do your research you would have found this article:

      and again you would have found this article
      but somehow I get the feeling you have not came here to learn. Rather bark and argue and demand that I acknowledge something that I know to be totally false and rubbish. If you was a shop keeper selling horse crap would you really go around demanding uninterested customers to buy your product? Then why do so with a false creed? Why not instead improve your listening and reading skills and practice to deep down sincere research based on real intellectual honesty? You have everything to gain through research, but only at loss if you continue on a path of intellectual dishonesty gassed by overzealous Wahhabi preaching. Tell me, what has Wahhabism really done for your salvation? Honestly?

      Quote: About the tamimi hadith. Please show from authentic hadith what you are trying to say…

      Answer: Research the hadeeth narrated by al-Khudri about Dhul Khuwaysara at-Tameemi and his arrogance in telling the Messenger of Allah sal Allahu alayhi wasallam to fear Allah. You will find this hadeeth not only in Bilal Phillips translation of Ibn al-Jawzi’s text of Talbees Iblees i.e. the Devils Deception p. 24, in the ‘Arabic original pages 89-90, it is also mentioned in al-Bukhaari and Muslim making this hadeeth mutafaqqun alayhi and interestingly enough it is also mentioned in the Salafi Publications book entitled “The ‘Religious’ Insurgency of the Khawaarij, The Khawaarij and their Characteristics, pgs 22-24. Do notice how this hadeeth mentions he is from the Bani Tameem and how the Khawaarij will arise from his progeny. I am not at all saying that all the Bani Tameem are corrupt. That is merely a straw-man argument that you are attributing to me. A straw-man that I have happily kicked down for you.

      Quote: if you mean najd, please research more as najd is not what you think it is…

      Answer: I have a lot to say about the location of Najd, I hope you are ready. But for simple reference you can start checking footnote 34 of Bilal Phillips translation of Talbees Iblees on p. 24 to get the idea of the facts I will present to you. If you have time and wish to discuss the narration of al-Khattabi in Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaani’s Fath ul-Baari, the hadeeth about the people of ‘Iraq and the ruling about the killing of a fly and so forth, I will be happy to accommodate you with many facts that you probably will not find in the Google search engine. I just hope you are ready and not merely wasting my time in a puff of arrogance to proof that your falsities are the absolute truth, whereas I know from first hand experience and in depth research, Wahhabism is a lie. A false invented religion posing as to the authentic Islam, led the false prophet who is on par with fitnah like that of Ghulam Ahmad and every other spoof that claimed prophecy explicitly or implicitly after that of the final and last Prophet, the true eradicator of shirk, Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Musatafaa sal Allahu alayhi wasallam.

      “How can I refute anything from a book that is not kitab ul tawhid …like I said you cant read the bible and list issues of it to refute the quran”


      Quote: Why dont you show a paragraph or two of what you hate rather than page numbers that have no meaning..

      Answer: Because each issue above that I have listed begs the question of sincere researchers, and this article metes out the sincere researchers that truly ask more questions from the arrogant debate monkeys who think they can refute the topic, me, my grand-ma and pet hamster. Some people just really need to decide where they are at with this religion and question their sincerity in seeking the truth of Allah, and fear Allah and guard themselves against arrogance and stop trying to refute, refute, refute when simple truths pee on their bonfire of batiliyah.

      Quote: You say youve been doing this for 5 years…islam has been around for over 1400 years

      Answer: I am sorry that I am not 1400 years old. I did not know it was a perquisite of preaching the facts about a 200 year old false cult that exploded out of the ‘Arabian desert with claims of reviving tawheed under stipulations that no Muslim in the history of Islam has never heard before. Perhaps we can talk about this when I near my 1399th Birthday?

      Quote: (quran..although islam is from time of adam (as) )and it will be until youmul qiyamah. ..your hate will not change it one bit….quran and sunnah is our only guide…
      Im ready to refute you if you use kitab ul tawhid not some fabrication

      Answer: Whenever you are ready
      Wa alaykum as-salam

      • Walaikum Asalam Warahamatulahi Wabarakatuh.

        Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah created Adam (AS) in ‘His Image’ sixty cubits (about thirty metres) in height. When He created him, He said (to Adam), ‘Go and greet that group of angels sitting there, and listen what they will say in reply to you, for that will be your greeting and the greeting of your offspring.’ Adam (went &) said, ‘As-Salam Alaikum (i.e. peace be upon you).’ They replied, ‘As-Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatallah’ (i.e. peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you).’ So they increased ‘Wa Rahmatallah’.” The Prophet (PBUH) added, “So whoever will enter Paradise, will be of the shape & picture of Adam. Since then the creation of Adam’s offsprings (i.e. stature of human beings) is being diminished up to the present time.” (Hadith No. 6227, Book of Asking Permission, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 8). This is in more than one reference in Sahih Bukhari but just showing you one.

        “When you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it, or (at least) return it equally. Certainly, Allah is Ever a Careful Account Taker of all things.” (Aayah No. 86, Surah An-Nisa’, Chapter No. 4, Holy Qur’an).

        Can you please show me the source where it specifically says what you used as a greeting to the viewers on this page.

        Shaikh ul Islam –

        Where is the evidence of his scholarship? Even your sources on his biography speculate much about his education. The most your sources have proven is that he was self learned in the works of Ibn Taymiyyah. – The problem with that falacy is that you thing knowledge means you need a scholar to learn. I don’t believe in that because the problem with that is that one error in the chain and the knowledge becomes untrusted. So we should always see the Quran and ahadith as our source of knowledge and those who use it and nothing else for reference.

        If fans of Tariq ul Qadri (one who is completely doused in shirk sufi practices) can call him that, why do you say that Shaikh ul Islam Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab Al Tamimi can not be called that by those who follow the Quran and Sunnah and not some deviant practices that have nothing to do with Islam.

        He brought nothing new – He used Quran and Ahadith only to refute the ill practices attributed to Islam like worshiping trees rocks caves etc. It’s not him we follow, but only the Quran and ahadith which clearly mention that Allah is one, worship only Allah, Ask from no one other than Allah, Allah is closer than our jugular vain so ask from him only. The practices of that time were completely against the Quran and authentic ahadith and Shaikh ul Islam just revived the pure Islam devoid of any shirk practices…

        You are attacking the man rather than the teachings in light of Quran and ahadith. The quran clearly says, if you have a doubt then refer to Allah (Quran) and his messenger (ahadith) and scholars…but if you have doubt go back to Allah and his messenger…No authority is bigger than Quran and ahadith. No scholar can be trusted even if he’s a direct descendant of the biggest scholar if he goes against the teachings in the Quran and ahadith…

        No I have not come to learn because I want to save my brother from polytheism and bidat and the hellfire rather than join him in the fire…And I have not come to bark but to help a brother who is obviously not on the path of Quran and ahadith.

        Relevant ahadith about bani Tamimi –

        Narrated Abu Huraira: I have loved the people of the tribe of bani tamim ever since I heard, three things, Allah’s Apostle said about them. I heard him saying, These people (of the tribe of bani tamim) would stand firm against Ad-Dajjal.” When the Sadaqat (gifts of charity) from that tribe came, Allah’s Apostle said, “These are the Sadaqat (i.e. charitable gifts) of our folk.” ‘Aisha had a slave-girl from that tribe, and the Prophet said to ‘Aisha, “Manumit her as she is a descendant of Ishmael (the Prophet).” (Book #46, Hadith #719)

        This by the sahaba that has the most hadith to his name and was always with the messenger (saws).

        So you can’t dismiss this.

        Najd –

        Please see this video, explains beautifully what is najd.

        Kitab at Tawhid –
        I, and most of those who you call as “wahabis” have never even read the kitab at tawhid as we follow Quran and ahadith…Just to refute you I have an english copy downloaded and will read just because you slander the shaikh ul islam.
        You can download the same copy here – If the site isn’t available I will send you a copy if you are interested. I have read a few pages and have not found anything that goes against Quran and ahadith (How can I when it’s only Quran and ahadith and nothing else so far)…The first part of the book also gives a very nice introduction of the shaikh ul islam.

        “Some people just really need to decide where they are at with this religion and question their sincerity in seeking the truth of Allah, and fear Allah and guard themselves against arrogance and stop trying to refute, refute, refute when simple truths pee on their bonfire of batiliyah.”
        So when are you going to find out the truth and leave all the lies and slander. When are you going to read the Quran and ahadith to find out the truth

        that no Muslim in the history of Islam has never heard before. – prophet Mohammed(saws) never prayed TO dead people. he has always prayed to Allah FOR dead people. The sahaba(ra) never prayed to prophet(saws) and neither did any of the righteous in the 3 generations of Islam. So I don’t know what you are talking about. Its only later that the message of Islam was changed and then revived with ibn qayyim,, ibn taymia, and ibn abdul wahab. So I don’t know where you get this notion.

        Instead of you refuting something that will not do you any good why don’t you refute all the ill practices that has crept in Islam like worshiping dead people, making prophet mohammed(saws) almost divine, doing all shirk practices that prophet (saws) never did, and other such things…

        May Allah guide you on the right path. and if I and the many hundreds of millions non-sufis/shias are on the wrong path, then may He show us the right way.

        Abouth Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. Yes I saw that video a few days ago and was shocked. I did see a video of him refuting the term wahabi but I can’t find it now. If I find I will show you.

        Brother, I am not a scholar and don’t intend to be at the moment unless Allah decides otherwise. From the way you sound, I very much doubt you are a scholar either. Also, it doesn’t take a scholar to understand that Islam is not about worshiping anyone but Allah, not to seek help from anyone other than Allah, to follow what the messenger (saws) followed and not to deviate from it. Sufis have know to do things that are not in Islam in lieu of things that are fard. For instance, how many followers of sufis pray 5 times a day in the masjid in a jamah and fast 29/30 days in ramadan. I am not sure whether you do it, but I’ve seen with my eyes where sufis in the Indian subcontinent (called barelvis) will not fast fully in ramadan (fard) while they are in their best clothes for eid jamah (sunnah not fard). These are the ones who do loud music and don’t think its haram (which the prophet (saws) likened to Alcohol and fornication).

        I have logged into to my facebook account this time jut incase you see a name difference..

        Asalamualaikum Warahamatulahi Wabarakatuh.

        • Since you have opened many topics which will require hours of my attention I will have to split them up answer only those which merit an answer
          The First is the issue of the salam.
          answer: There is no source greater than the Qur’an, the word of Allah which every believer should at least have recited from surah fatiha to surah an-Nass within the month of Ramadan on top of completing an in depth reading of it at least three times a year, plus hearing it’s recitation in full in the month of Ramadan, which really brings into question how on earth could you have missed the greeting of salamun alaykum in no less than four places within the Qur’an? see ayah 6:54; 7:46; 28:55; 39:73. If you Are unhappy with my transliteration, then this is a separate point altogether. I hope we can now put his issue to sleep Once and for all.

        • Regarding the second issue at hand, which is your claid that any odd book reader can obtain the knowledge to be called shaykh ul Islam merely from his reading.

          It is no fallacy to think that we need scholars to learn as we do as the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam said in a hadeeth
          “The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets”
          This heritence cannot be achieved by reading books as the knowledge of Islam has been passed down and transmitted by those who follow a living tradition .This deen is passed down via unbroken chains from scholar to students who then become scholars and repeat the process. One of the Salaf, Abdullah ibn Mubarrak said:
          “The isnaad is from the religion, were it not for isnaad anyone could say anything he wished”
          Abdullah ibn Mubarrak passed knowledge down to Imaam Bukhari and this is how Islam has been preserved, through the scholars, through Tahhamal al-ilm, I.e. The transmission of knowledge. The people that truly follow the Qur’an and the sunnah take their knowledge from the hearts of men, not books.
          Had you have lived within the first three centuries you would have realised that the knowledge of Islam was never contained within a book, and when there was a book it was there to reference what they already knew and authorised to teach. This is how it has always worked.
          -If you do not believe in that then you are throwing Islam away and claiming your own religion. Rejecting the scholars and deducing your own understanding about Islam and then calling to it. This is what the khawaarij did. Do you wish to stand with the on yawn ul Qiyaamah ?
          As for Tahir al-Qadri (who does have the isnaad to teach from his teacher, and from his teacher leading back to the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam himself ) he has no logical bearing on the subject at hand. I would appreciate if you did not apply the logical fallacy of red herring. Let us look at the next issue. I may take my time with replies so learn patience.

  3. First…learn to give a proper Asalamualaikum. What you said has no meaning…

    Asalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh
    May the peace mercy and blessingofof Allah be upon you

    My friend. are a hateful person and may Allah give you hidaya h

    1. you insult those who believe in quran and ahadith as shown by shaikh ul Islam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab Al Tamimi using Allah’s name. Shame on you…so if you are going to call those who follow the teachings of Shaikh ul Islam by name then call then mohemedi or tamimis…

    2. their are several hadith that prophet (saws) loves the bani tamimi tribe as he says followers of bani tamimi will help fight dajjal…so those you think are soldiers of dajjal will be the ones that protect from dajjal…

    3. If you are going to show your hate you need to put it in the right direction. You cant pick up the bible and say somethings wrong with Islam. You cant take another book and say whats wrong with kitab ul tawhid

    4. If you are truthful you would write what is in the book rather than the pages and show where its wrong in light of your understanding of Quran and Hadith

    this is just a small comment. I can elaborate and refut every bit if you allow me without resorting to insults especially that which has Allah’s name in it.

    Wahab=Allah the bestower or the one who gives in lay terms
    WahabiThreat=Allah’s Threat (naouzbillah)

    Asalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh

    • Wa alaykum as-salam

      Sorry you feel that way. Lets look at your concerns

      1. Salamun alaykum is in the Qur’an and so is as-Salamu alaykum, both are correct, unless you are saying Allah is wrong.

      2. I do not hate you personally, sorry you feel that way, but sorry Wahhabism is a lie. It is a false cult, a false religion posing as Islam led by a false Prophet.

      May Allah guide you well away from it

      3. I do not insult nobody, perhaps you have not read how insulting the works of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab are to the majority of Muslims by saying that most muslims do not even understand the kalimah of tawheed and saying that Abu Jahl knew more about tawheed than the Muslims of today. If you do not find that insulting then we have no further conversation.

      4. Theres no factual proof that Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was educated, let alone be an authorized Shaykh of Islam. Where is the evidence of his scholarship? Even your sources on his biography speculate much about his education. The most your sources have proven is that he was self learned in the works of Ibn Taymiyyah.

      If this is a sign of scholarship that I am going to read a few books about teeth repair and become a dentist.

      5. I find it hypocritical of your cult to use names such as al-Jabbariyyah, al-Qadariyyah, al-Ahmadiyyah, yet when somebody says Wahhabi or Wahhabiyyah you scream its Allah’s name. No it is not. Wahhabi has a yaa on it, Wahhabiyyah has an extra ya and tied taa. It is not the name of Allah, it is a derivtive. Just like Jabbariyyah or Qadariyyah or even Karamiyyah, all derivatives of Allah’s names al-Jabbar, al-Qadeer, and al-Kareem, let us not forget the shi’a cult that was even dubbed the Allahiyyah for believing Ali ibn Abi Taalib was divine. So dear brother, do not blame me for labelling, blame your own lack of knowledge, because I am only doing what scholars have done when it comes to naming and categorizing the false cults.

      6. You may cherry pick the hadeeth about the fadaa’il of the Bani tameem all you like, this does not negate the fact that the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam also said that the Khawaarij would rise from their progeny.

      7. It is clear who the soldiers of the Dajjal are when the Saudi-Wahhabi alliance have the very symbol of the Dajjal on their police badges. These are the same guards that stand around in Makkah and Madinah supposedly preventing hajjis from committing shirk right>? Perhaps you need to open your eyes to this reality and realize what is really going on.

      8. I have documented so many above facts when discussing Kitaab ut-Tawheed. I notice you have not discussed or refuted one single point but have only hurled a bunch of accusations about me hating, being deceptive etc. These claims are only based upon your emotions and not any knowledge. Again, I m not to blame for that.

      You can try and refute, but will you? That has yet to be seen of any Wahhabi that has been trolling this website for five years or more. A website that still remains unrefuted and those who tried have been intellectually buried and no longer write on their blogs. They had a short sprint, I ran the full marathon. So if you wish to enter this realm, you better have something more than a toy bunny and duracell batteries .

      Regards and wa as-salam

    • Ask Shaykh ul-Islam Sulaymaan Ibn Abdul Wahhab by consulting the book as-Sawaa’iq al-Ilahiyyah, He quotes Ibn Taymiyyah extensively refuting his brother and his notions at every single step. If you really wis to know, then do not be like a Jehovahs witness, buy the book and read carefully

  4. Salamun ‘alaykum wa Rahmahtullah

    Dear brother in islam keep steadfast to your way of warning from the misguided groups. As you can see none of them have any refutation to a single one of what you exposed of them, but instead they resort to name calling and so forth. This is there way and we must continue to warn from them perhaps then they will start to ask questions and seek and when they do they will find many resources that refute Abdul wahhab and the Wahhabi sect. Many scholars refuted him during his time including his own shaykh.

    Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Sulayman al-Kurdiyy{7} was among the authors who wrote refuting Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab. He was Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab’s own shaykh. Among what he said is as follows:

    O Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab, I advise you, for the sake of Allah, ta^ala, to hold your tongue regarding the Muslims. If you hear from anyone who asks for help from other than Allah that one has the power to effect things without the Will of Allah, then teach him the right thing about this issue, and show him the proofs which state no one other than Allah brings things from non-existence into existence. The one who rejects that is blasphemous. You have no right to label the majority of the Muslims as blasphemers{8} while you are deviant from the majority of the Muslims. In fact, it is more reasonable to consider the one who deviates from the majority of the Muslims as a blasphemer then to consider the Muslims as a nation as blasphemers–because the deviant one has followed a path other than the path of the believers.

    In Surat an-Nisa’, Ayah 115, Allah said:
    وَمَن يُشَاقِقِ الرَّ‌سُولَ مِن بَعْدِ مَا تَبَيَّنَ لَهُ الْهُدَىٰ وَيَتَّبِعْ غَيْرَ‌ سَبِيلِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ نُوَلِّهِ مَا تَوَلَّىٰ وَنُصْلِهِ جَهَنَّمَ ۖ وَسَاءَتْ مَصِيرً‌ا ﴿١١٥﴾

    This ayah means: [Whomever contends with the Messenger after the right path was exposed to him and follows other than the way of the believers, Allah will leave him to whatever he followed and put him in Hell (Jahannam)].

    note:Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Sulaym al-Kurdiyy was the one who wrote al-Hashiyah on the explanation of Ibn Hajar to the text of Bafadl

    • just call them nahabi, they are the ones who used and paid to destroy Islam. But they will never destroy. I have seen followers Mohamed abdul wahab followers, and they are typically the ones the religion explains as the potential soldiers of dajal. Alluhumanajina minal fitnatil khawaarij

  5. where does your chapter 44 come in here :

    I hope you are not lying brother.

    Are you paid by some western jewish agencies to release these utter false propaganda, if yes then fear Allah SWT you are trading your hereafter with a very small price!
    I have read kitab tawhid and you utterly lied !

    for the readers please read this:

  6. where does your chapter 44 come in here :

    I hope you are not lying brother.

    Are you paid by some western jewish agencies to release these utter false propaganda, if yes then fear Allah SWT you are trading your hereafter with a very small price!
    I have read kitab tawhid and you utterly lied !

    for the readers please read this:

    • Are you paid by some western jewish agencies to repeat same stupidity over and over again? if yes then fear Allah SWT you are trading your hereafter with a very small price!

      • Is that really the best you could come up with?
        Obviously you lack the power of intellectual deduction

        It does not take much to figure out that a cheap underfunded blog like this is not highly paid by the Jews.

        Look through the hadeeth, and you tell me about the people who run around saying “Fear Allah” …

        Indeed I smell a Kharijite before me.. scram if you have no facts

        • Salam alayqum wa rahmatullah wa baraakat.

          Brother it was direct at you.It was directed at the Wahhabi aliabbasjp. Your nose is smelling something wrong. I am Sunni, Sufi, Barelwi, Razavi, follower of Sayyidi wa Sanadi, mujadidi ala Hadhrat al Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi rahimullah alayhi ta’ala.

  7. I believe heart & soul that a Muslim is only a Muslim; he can never think another branch— every branch is Misguided by the Leader who is definitely misguided by (1) the Shaitaan, (2) his Nafse, Or, (3) the Enemy of Muslims. So, I declare that if any group believe that they are better or the best than another— they are obviously Misguided. Every muslim should believe, ” I am a muslim, devoted only to the Rasool’s Teachings but not to Wahhabi, Banna, Moududi etc., who are the Leaders of Fitnah. May Allaah ! guide us on SiraatalMustakeem.

    • Salamun ‘alaykum, ameen, I agree

      We should have hope and stick to the rope of Allah [which is the way of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, his Sunnah and those who are upon that]

      Unity is only upon that which is correct.

  8. the book of al tawhid had nothing but quran and hadith and Im holding it in my hand right now ur laying

    • Salamun ‘alaykum wa Rahmahtullah dear brother in Islam

      I am quoting from the commentary by his grand-son Abddur Rahmaan, its called Fath ul-Majeed, the photo above is the exact copy, except where I am quoting the Arabic version.

      It may hold Qur’an and Sunnah, but not the true understanding that is held by the first three generations.

      You more than welcome to prove where you think I am lying.

      • ok lets see u said :
        (• Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab claimed to know the issue of tawheed better than the majority of the Sahaabah. Chapter 1, Kitaab ut-Tawheed)

        and chapter 1 :

        CHAPTER No: 1
        At- Tauhid (The Oneness of Allah)
        Allah the Almighty said:
        “And I (Allah) created not the Jinns and men except they should worship Me (Alone).”
        And He stated:
        “And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger
        (proclaiming): ‘Worship Allah (Alone), and avoid (or keep away from) Taghut (all false deities
        etc. i.e. do not worship Taghut besides Allah).’ ”
        And He said:
        “And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful
        to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them
        a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. And lower
        unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: ‘My Lord! Bestow on
        them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.’ ”
        (17:23, 24)
        And He said:
        “Worship Allah and join none with Him in worship.”
        And He said:
        “Say (O Muhammad May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him ): Come, I will recite
        what your Lord has prohibited you from: Join not anything in worship with Him; be good and
        dutiful to your parents; kill not your children because of poverty -We provide sustenance for you
        and for them; come not near to shameful sins (illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) whether committed
        openly or secretly, and kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause
        (according to Islamic law), This He has commanded you that you may understand. And come not
        near to the orphan’s property, except to improve it, until he (or she) attains the age of full
        strength; and give full measure and full weight with justice. We burden not any person, but that
        which he can bear. And whenever you give your word (i.e. judge between men or give evidence,
        etc.), say the truth even if a near relative is concerned, and fulfill the Covenant of Allah. This He
        commands you, that you may’ remember. And verily, this is My Straight Path, so follow it, and
        follow not (other) paths, for they will separate you away from His Path. This He has ordained for
        you that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious).”
        (6: 151-153)
        Ibn Mas’ud (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
        Whoever wishes to ascertain the very will of Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and
        blessing of Allah be upon him) on which the Prophet has put his seal, let him read the Statement
        of Allah:
        “Say (O Muhammad (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) ): Come, I will
        recite what your Lord has prohibited you from: Join not anything in worship with Him… (up to)
        …And verily, this is My Straight Path.”
        It is narrated that Mu’adh bin Jabal (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
        I was riding behind the Prophet (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) on a
        donkey and he said to me “O Mu’adh, do you know what is the right of Allah on his slaves and
        what is the right of the slaves upon Allah?” I responded: “Allah and His Messenger know best.”
        He continued, “The Right of Allah upon His slaves is to worship Him Alone and never to
        associate anything with him. The right of slaves upon Him is not to punish any person who does
        not associate anything with Him.” I said: “O Allah’s Messenger, may I not give the glad tidings to
        the people?” He replied: “No. Do not inform them lest they rely on (this promise and lapse in
        their service to Him)1.” [The above Hadith is mentioned in two Sahih Books (Al-Bukhari and

        i dont see him claim anything and his grandson is only explaning this so how can he claim stuff through his grandson explanation ????!!!!!!!!!
        so yeah ur laying (One of the greatest sins in Islam)

        • Try looking to point number 15, and if you are so quick to jump to conclusions with your 1 second attempt of a study and refutation, then you are the liar, lying to yourself and others

          Chapter 1. Tawheed: The Sahaabah ignorant of Creed?

          In the very first chapter of Kitaab ut-Tawheed, Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab implies that most of the Sahaabah did not know the rights due to Allah, and the rights due to His creation.

          When discussing about the hadeeth of Mu’aadh Ibn Jabal and the rights due to Allah’s servants, Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab commented “Most of the Sahaabah did not know about this issue!” [see point 15, chapter 1, Kitaab ut-Tawheed, p.7 English translation of Fath ul-Majeed by Dar ul-Munaarah, or p. 34 of the Arabic edition of Fath ul-Majeed]

          The implications here is that Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab explicitly claimed to know the science of tawheed better than the Sahaabah.

          The Sahaabah being the best of generations had to know about such very important issues as these issues are part of the science of tawheed. To say the majority of the Sahaabah did not know such an issue, even till this day, is to say they was ignorant of Allah’s infinite mercy which is a violation of tawheed.

          The fact that this hadeeth was known and compiled refutes Muhammad Ibn ‘Adul Wahhab’s suggestion that the Sahaabah did not know about a fundamental point of salvation. Mu’adh Ibn Jabal did in fact teach this hadeeth to many of the Sahaabah before his passing.

            • yes it is there – keep looking – read the whole chapter if you have too – all because it is not there in your edition does not mean it is not there in my edition. If you ask kindly i may just scan you the whole chapter for lets say £3.00 gbp of my time connecting the scanner and bothering to do the research notes for you. If you would like this service, it is available.

              There is no need to give me an education on the book Fath ul-Majeed, I know what it is and I know it is the actual understanding of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab’s work passed down directly to his grand-son Abdur Rahmaan, so really there is no pressing need to tell me that Fath ul-Majeed is an explanation of Kitaab ut-Tawheed”

              Another thing about the book as you claim, you are wrong. Sorry to be the one to inform you, but there is much more than Qur’an and Sunnah in Fath ul-Majeed, and as you said it is an “explanation” i.e. a sharh, so you really do contradict your own words by suggesting this book is nothing but Qur’an and Sunnah. That is unless you deem Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and his grand son to be Prophets…

    • where is the very word ‘tawhid’ in Al Qur’an? We know that the Holy Qur’an is in Arabic and the Book Kitab Al Tawhid is also in Arabic. So the title at least should have Quranic vocabulary.

      • Salamun alaykum, the scholars have derived the the term tawheed from a a verb used in the hadeeth of Rasul Allah sal allahu alayhi wasallam when he sent Muadh Ibn Jabal to teach the people of Yemen. Hence it is from the Sunnah. There are many terminologies we use today that are not found within the Qur’an, e.g Tassawuf, Aqeedah, etc etc

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