Tafseer Jalalayn

Tafseer Jalalayn, compiled by Jalal ud-Deen, Imaam as-Suyuti
and Jalal ud-Deen, Imaam al-Mahali 

One of the most studied commentaries on the Qur’an since 8th-9th century Islamic calendar

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Bought to you by the Islamic Resource


Please donate to our da’wah project. We are in demand of printing mass leaflets to deliver door to door to spread the message of Islam, and also aid us in the cost of Qur’an translations that we give to non Muslims for free.

Nottingham Muslim Network is a new initiative that aims to network between the local masaajid and organizations in order to deliver a religious and public service. Members of the initiative post leaflets door to door in various areas of Nottingham advertising a free Qur’an to non Muslims that are interested in hearing the message of Islam.

Unfortunately Qur’ans and printing leaflets is not free and we need funds to carry out this noble mission. We wish to take the da’wah further and act as the first point of contact for those wishing to know more about Islam or even take that step towards being a Muslim.

We will provide a professional service that not only offers religious advice, but also support and outreach to those who are newly in the fold of Islam. This may even mean rehousing new converts to paying for students of knowledge.

We also hope to throw seasonal open day exhibitions in local mosques to invite the residents for food and refreshments and a friendly chat. Islamic history and seerah posters need to be printed and be on display for such events. It would be nice if we could take it to a level where we could open a da’wah center which offers coffee mornings, creche facilities for women and children, and also professional educational courses for the wider community but unfortunately we are at square one, leaflet and Qur’an translation distribution.

Money is not the only way to contribute to this noble cause. We need your skills, whether its media production, graphic design, or even writing, proofreading and translation.

To donate to this project, simply click the button below

disclaimer: we do not promote the Wahhabi or Shia creed, we are callers to the Sunni path, traditional Islam being the Ash’ari/ Maturidi way and the four madh-habs, not to forget, the Sufi path – this is our da’wah and nothing but

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