We are all about spreading the word of Allah [i.e. the Qur’an] in our local community. Since the rise of the EDL and Britain First, there has been a increase of Islamaphobic in the public realm, and due to this, many people are being fed misguided lies about Islam.Since the word of Allah is the best of speech, and the guidance of Prophet Muhammad [sal Allahu alayhi wasallam] is the best of guidance, we thought that simply offering the general public an opportunity to obtain a free Qur’an and read it for themselves would dispel much of the propaganda. So we began this initiative with this objective in mind, and al hamdu Lillah it came from being a local effort to being a nationwide effort in a very short space of time.

With the responsibility of da’wah you will always be challenged by those who throw objections and false misconceptions. This is where defending the faith comes in.Therefore we have a dedicated section to dispel the many common myths that people spread about Islam. These articles are written giving satisfactory answers to new Muslims with troubled hearts about the many lies that they hear or will hear about Islam. They need solid answers to strengthen their imaan, and with Allah’s pleasure and grace, this is what we hope to do.We also aim need to set up a New Muslim Support Network – yet no man is an Island – what I often find when I am doing da’wah, is that other Muslims will bring me new Muslims to look after. Just to look after one new convert is a delicate matter and twenty new Muslims on the shoulders of one Muslim is very burdensome. We need a system, and what system is there better than that of the Prophet [sal Allahu alayhi wasallam] when he set up Muhajireen and the Ansaar system?

Do consider each new Muslim a Muhajir to this deen, as they possibly have left everything they have previously known to enter Islam whole-heartedly, no matter how strong they may seem, they need your help. They may even need a new family and financial assistance. Let us not be as tight and ungenerous, open your heart to a Muhajir and Allah will give you gardens in sha Allah. We need people to act as Ansaar to new Muslims, and help neuter them in the true teachings of the religion of Allah, the Merciful.

​New Muslims also have educational needs, so we will be looking into specialized classes in the following fields of foundational knowledge to give them firm footing in the religion. We are to offer:

1. The basics of Fiqh – classes to those new into the fold of Islam
​2. Learning to read and write Arabic
​3. Tajweed programme in how to read the Qu’ran 4. Basic Aqeedah classes – Islamic beliefs and possibly more We also aim to host various opening days Islamic exhibitions in the many mosques around Nottingham, raising awareness in the community that the mosque is open to the general public, and that there are people in each area of Nottingham city that will act as a first point of contact should anybody need any type of help or if they have any questions answering. The exhibitions will also be informative about Islam, with giant posters explaining the beliefs of Islam, the Prophetic seerah, the history of compilation of the Qur’an and Ahaadeth, and other exhibition pieces. We also hope to provide free take away gifts and free food upon the day. If this sounds good to you, then please feel generous to donate money, time or any skills you may feel that would benefit the project.

If you’re looking for a great way to invest in your hereafter, then support the da’wah, the JHD of spreading the message of Islam fee sabeel Lillahi. This will merit you the mercy and forgiveness of Allah and some top class real estate in Jannat ul-Firdous in-sha-Allah.

This is an opportunity for you to spend some of yourhard earned cash in the way of Allah and earn His pleasure and reward thereby. We are not begging your donations, Allah will help us indeed, we have that trust in Allah, and we are sure there are good people out there ready to spend in the way of Allah.What will you do for Allah and His deen?

Will you help us spread the message by helping us?

Make a donation to help us print materials and keep this da’wah mission running? It is really up to you. How much do you value the message of Islam? How much do you love Allah and His Messenger [salAllahualayhiwasallam] – this is not for us, this mission is entirely selfless. We are all working for Allah and His pleasure, His forgiveness.If you cannot donate financially, at least dodu’a for us that we are provided the means to keep this project running so that we can do more good deeds and invite people to the way of Islam with beauty.

please do donate your rizq, skills or time generously

JazakAllah Khayr

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