The Only Possible God: Entering Faith tract 001


With so many world religions each calling to so many different “gods”, it leaves a great deal of confusion as to which one is the absolute true religion. This places a very important task before the seekers of truth. To find the absolute truth in order to submit themselves to the one true universal God.

The enemy of the absolute truth, Satan, has worked hard since the creation of mankind to hide the one true religion. He does not want the children of Adam to be guided and wishes for them nothing but hell. He has therefore misled many from amongst mankind to worship false deities and invent many innovations. Yet despite all of the confusion, the truth still stands out clear for a seeker that entertains the desire for truth.

Although it would be an easy criterion to determine that the most attacked religion would be the religion of truth, it does not actually prove it is the absolute truth. It is only a sign of the truth that it would be most attacked by the Satan and his forces. What determines the truth between false-hood is our God given intellect and ability to reason and through our inherent nature [fitrah] of what is possible and impossible for the supreme all-Mighty Creator, the true universal God.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, if we were to ask ourselves in all sincerity about what qualities and attributes the only true possible God would possess, and then compose a list of the possible and impossible, then I am very sure we would have a befitting description of our Creator without even having to take recourse to any religious texts.

The first obvious criterion is that the true universal God would be the ultimate Creator of everything. Therefore, He would be pre-Eternal without beginning and without an end. Whatever He created would be creation and it would be impossible for Him to create another god that would be eternal as that thing would have a beginning and this can never be possible for the True Universal God. The Creator can never be created.

This would also mean that God is has been forever living in that He did not come to life but has always been alive without beginning and without end. Nothing can take away his life, nor can He ever diminish. A god that dies in any circumstance is not a god at all. It would be indeed be impossible for the Only Possible God to suffer from such a weakness or defect.

Another obvious criterion is that He would be all-Powerful, Almighty.  It is impossible for a powerless god to exist and sustain the whole universe from any position of weakness. Something that can be over-powered, damaged or broken cannot ever be the true universal God. This infinite power would also relate to His will and command. Nothing would be able to conquer Him and destroy His will and command in anyway. He is the almighty, all-Powerful.

The only possible God would not be a needy God. He would not need to eat nor sleep as these are human weaknesses in order to re-energize and these are acts of His creation. Nor would he be in need of a wife or children, as He would be the Almighty Creator and to procreate is a weakness and a need only for created beings. Since the only true possible God is the Almighty Creator, He would simply create and not procreate, and even then whatever He created would be His creation, not His wife, son, or daughter etc.

He would not be in need of any of His creation, as He existed eternally without any of His creation. Therefore He exists beyond space and time due to the fact that space and time are from amongst His creations.

Another important criterion would be His omnipresence. The only true possible God would be all-Knowing, having knowledge of everything and everywhere. His knowledge would be all encompassing. He would know the past the present and everything in the future. He would have infinite knowledge and not a thing would be able to escape that knowledge. Ignorance of any kind, even a small lack of knowledge not at all be possible for the only possible God.

This would also mean that He is all-Seeing and all-Hearing. Not a thing escaping His vision or hearing. The only true possible God would be able to hear and see every living creature all at once. Even the very secrets of their hearts would not be hidden from Him. Again, He would indeed be all-Hearing and all-Seeing God who hears and sees everything.

The above qualities are the best logical criterion that anything deserving to be the one true possible God should have. If any of these qualities lack then we know for sure that thing is not worthy of being the only possible God. Indeed God is described within the Qur’an with these very descriptions, which is unique compared to every other religious book that claims to explain God’s Attributes. Yet within their texts there are negative qualities attributed to God, such as the lack of knowledge, not being able to hear, being overpowered by His creation, not having the power to do as He wills, dying and even having human needs. In no sense can the true universal deity ever have such weaknesses or flaws. It is just not possible for the one true universal God.

With this criterion at hand, seekers are equipped with the intellect to seek their One True Lord, the all-Wise Creator, the Eternal ever living and never dying, the First and the Last, the One and Unique, all-Knowing, all-Seeing and all-Hearing, all-Powerful and Self Sufficient deity. The one true God worthy of recognition, admiration and worship.

He is Allah the One Unique, Allah the Eternal, He does not give birth nor is He born, and there is nothing like Him whatsoever.

Whatever you imagine within your hearts and minds is itself a created thought and image. Allah is above our imaginations, above our understanding, above His creation.

SubhanAllahi wal hamdu Lillahi wallahu akbar.

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